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Shop Floor Control - Realized actual end date/time is missing after transferring Time from SFC

Hello Dynamics Gurus,

I am using SFC and recording time at Job card level.

My problem is that SFC is successfully posting the Job card journal generated through SFC, however when I go to Production -> Job form and in Scheduling tab the Realized actual end date/time is not coming from the last Posted Job card.

I digged deep into the issue and the reason was obvious that when Automatic Job card journal is posted after transferring SFC time. The END option is not selected and hence it is not putting in the END date/time.

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated. Like how can I make sure that END is selected while posting the Job card, even though I marked Finished = Yes from SFC Feedback, OR any other form where a user can see and compare difference between Planned END Date/time and Realized Date/time.

I am using AX2009 SP1 RU4.