Purchase Requisition Workflow

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I have configure the purchase requisition but submit button and yellow bar is not showing. what is the problem as the workflow is working fine as EP is configured. Please suggest me where i am wrong.



  • Do your workflow contains any conditions? The record might not be satisfying the conditions specified in the workflow configuration...

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    yes what i required is one person simply make the requisition(Mr X) and the other person will approve it(say Mr Y)

    Step i did are:

    1) open work flow form,In General form give the Name=Purchase requisition approval,owner=Mr Y,Submission Instruction PR Submitting,Set Condition: where employee.employee is value (Emp id of mr X )

    2) In Detail tab,select PurReqcomplete,overview tab:task name:PurchReqComplete, work item subject:PR, work item descripton:please complete the PR Automatic tab: uncheck,escalation tab: do not escalte is checked,notification tab: complete check mark and in receipant Mr X name, advance tab:all checked.

    2.1) step 1: default value in all tab

    3) notes: nothing

    4) complete is checked mark recipient:user based:Mr X

    This is all what i did.......please suggest me


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    And also while preparing the PR Submitted feild contain one time 12 am ans at the lines under vendor account none are coming, do i have to attached vendor like user and from where i can do........

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    no one has the answer of this...........................

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    no one has the answer................

  • If the yellow bar is not there then the technical side of the workflow is not configured correctly. I do not know this side, but I am aware before I can use it the technical guys have to do the following (I find this previously for workflow).



    The sections below describe about pre-requisites, steps and procedures required to install workflow system for AX 2009

    1.1 Prerequisites


    The user installing workflow system should be a member of the


    The user installing workflow system should be a member of the




    group in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    2. Ensure that IIS (Internet Information Services) is installed and running

    3. Ensure that the system on which workflow has to be installed has a static IP. Setup will not configure the workflows if the IP configuration is not defined.

    4. Ensure that all the instances of previous versions of AOS are stopped.



    Software components you should install:

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is recommended, but not required, for the Workflow Web site. SSL is a protocol that allows Web servers and clients to communicate more securely through the use of encryption. When SSL is not used, data sent between the client and server is vulnerable to observation by anyone with physical access to the network.



    Software components the Setup wizard installs:

    If the following software components are not installed on the Workflow Web server, the Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup wizard will install them for you when you install Workflow.

    a. Internet Information Services (IIS)

    b. ASP.NET 2.0

    c. Microsoft Dynamics AX .NET Business Connector

    1.2 Configure Workflow accounts







    Before installing Workflow, you must configure the Workflow system account and the Workflow execution account. The following table provides information about these accounts.





    To configure this account…



    Workflow system account



    The Workflow Web server uses this account to communicate with Microsoft Dynamics AX.


    Select a domain account or a Microsoft Dynamics AX user in the

    System service accounts form (Administration Setup Security System service accounts). If you select a domain account, the domain account must:

    Be a dedicated account (used only for this purpose).

    ave a password that does not expire.

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    Basically, in my opinion, your workflow is not installed properly. The installation guide now defines all of the requirements:



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    thank you so much so writting and helping me.

    Now i have configure whole workflow but i can create the PR after submittion the requision is not receive at the other person ans also while creating the PR vendor list is empty.

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    How is your batch server configured?

    Shuold be no reason for an empty vendor list, I have mine set to show all items and I get a full list of vendors.

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    all is configure. like employee configuration do i have to configure the vendor also from user relation.......

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    No it is user based, if the user and workflow are setup correctly it is the technical side and the scheduling of the batch server, if this is set it is your workflow. Somewhere it is not set properly, you just need to find it.

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    Hi imran ul haq

    I am facing the same situation with you. The yellow bar not display for submit PR. could you please tell me how to make ax display this button?