open form with new record

very new to AX, this whould seem to be easy but cannot find a way to get it to work.

have menu Item button and Just want to open the EmplTable Form already positioned at new record. 

In the run Method of the form I put     :EmplTable_ds.create()

but this did not work....any sugestions ( p.s. I would like only this button to open at new record all others should not)

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  • Well no one answered bu this is what I found: 

     EnumTypeParameter = FormOpenMode allows you to to set this via the menu Item then check for it once you open the form, this way if you open the form from diffrent locations you can check to see if the paamter is set to "ForNew" . and if it is then you can open with a new record.


    here is the code I used to get the for to open with a new record. In the Run Method I put

    public void run()
         if (SysListPageHelper::isFormOpenedWithOpenModeForNewParm( element))


    plus I set the

    • Call the create method on the form data source.

    • Set the InsertAtEnd property on the form data source to No.

    • Set the StartPosition property on the form data source (to First or Last).

    got from :


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