what is the exact role of functional consultant in dynamics ax 2012

in dynamics ax we have technical consultants and functional consultants

what is the functional consultant duties and task in real time environment.

Note: plz  tell me  briefly  about Dynamics AX 2012 functional consultant

  • The actual meaning of these labels varies enormously in different companies and different projects.

    In general, functional people focus on business processes, rather than on technical aspects. They often collect requirements from users, do process analysis, configure AX according to customer's needs, design changes from the perspective of business process and UI, help technical stuff to understand requirements and business processes, perform black-box tests, and so on and so on.

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    Hi Varun,

    Normally roles of a functional consultant may be differ based on the type of project (End to End or Service projects) that he is working.
    The functional consultant has to understand the business process of the clients and better understanding of set up and configuration options available in AX. The key skill is being able to map the requirements of the customer to the capabilities of the ERP system.

    Roles of a functional consultant:

    • Collection & Analysis of client business processes, Documentation, Mapping the requirements and proposing suitable changes in line with the product.
    • Create the “Functional requirement Document” (It may be varied from ERP to ERP) based on the requirements /document / report / daily activities collected from the client.
    • Provide solution overview training to business users explaining Dynamics AX functionality across various modules and processes.
    • Proposing necessary changes in customer’s business process to go with product functionality & configuring the product to suit the requirements as per FRD.
    • Prepare test scripts for testing the configured scenarios. Testing may also include Unit testing, System Integration Testing, Exploratory Testing,  Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, or any client specific software testing.”• Testing the end to end product scenarios in line with product standards and resolving conflicts with the help of technical team.
    • Designing Master data templates and reconciliations for data migration.
    • Providing post implementation and ongoing production support.
    • End user manual and user training is also expected from Functional Consultants.”
    • Updating of project status to Project Manager & other concerned persons.
    • Also required interaction with core team members, end users & other team members (consultants).

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    Thank u Mr.drab

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    Thank u Mr.Naredra


    AS a fresher Ax functional consultant.. what he do(i mean  a fresher)

    As a fresher he do not know d whole duties as u said before. 


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    Correct as a fresher, he will not understand in all above mentioned duties. I think, He is required to concentrate on AX configurations and understand various business processes. Also try to get touch with experienced candidates to have better understandings of the day to day activities of implementations.

    Develop the skills in document preparation.


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    The fresher will do the tasks assigned to them by the partner or customer. Tasks they are capable of or can be guided. 

    Probably the issue with the question is the word "exact", a word I would not associate with my role as a functional consultant over many years!Big Smile