HRM certification in AX 2012

Hey guys,

Am just wondering how come there is no certification in HRM in AX 2012?

Is that  missed finding it? or in real no certification?

Does anybody knows why this has not been included?



  • There are changes and added functionalities even in R3 as well. Does anyone know the reason for this?

  • In reply to Elmer:

    All current certifications are on Microsoft Learning site - the direct link to Dynamics certifications is here.

    I can't speak for Microsoft, but you can see that certifications exist just for a few major modules and HRM probably isn't considered one of them. The purpose of certifications has never been to cover everything; you can learn stuff and prove your competency even without any specific certification from Microsoft.

  • In reply to Martin Dráb:

    Thanks Martin.

    Have already checked the site for certification list. 

    I agree what you have said...we can improve knowledge w/o any certification from Microsoft.

    This is for just for self satisfaction to attempt and get certified (and some companies considers it as a value add-on)