AX 2012 Collection Letter - Block / Unblock Individual Invoice - Impact?

Hi All, 

Scenario based question.

A customer has 2 overdue invoices. Via Collection Letter (at the time of print / post), I have marked one invoice as "Blocked" and the other left unmarked against 'Block'. I.e. Unblocked. So "Collection Letter 1" has 2 journals for this customer with different block status. 

Now if I go to the customer form I see 'Invoice' against 'Invoice and Delivery on Hold'. 

My question is, what advantage (if any) is there in blocking one invoice and not the other? Is it effectively the same as blocking both the invoices because a hold on further invoicing in placed at the customer master record level. Or am I missing any advantage / disadvantage of selective invoice blocking?

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  • Hi Prometheus,


    When I was looking at the functionality yesterday, I got the impression the Block was not against the Invoice (how could it? The Invoice is already posted). It was more that it was only for putting the customer on Stop.


    So you might decide that Collection letters 1 and 2 did not put the customer on stop, but when Collection letter 3 was required, he goes on Stop.


    I assume the ability to remove the Block is if you decide that on this occasion you will not block him (or vice versa if you decide to Block someone at an earlier stage).


    If a customer has two overdue invoices, wouldn't they normally be on the same collection letter, or on collection letters of different numbers?


    As for setting the customer to On Hold: 'Invoice'. Don't get me started! Why would you choose to allow the customer to have deliveries, but block the ability to invoice them for those deliveries?

  • In reply to Guy Terry:

    I was hoping you would answer, Guy. Thanks for the insight. 

    The only reason I could come up with as to why you would want to have 2 Collection Letters of different numbers, one overdue invoice marked as blocked and the other not (even though they both became overdue simultaneously, say, today) is because as a Credit Controller I want a trigger to remind me when I ought to remove the 'Hold' on Invoice from Customer Master. I.e. Doesn't matter if the customer does not make a payment for the Collection Letter that is unblocked so as long as he honours the Collection Letter which is blocked, it is my cue / or any other credit controller to lift the 'Hold' on Invoice from Customer Master - since there are no other outstanding Collection Letters with blocked status. Alternatively, if I have multiple Collection Letters on Hold, the 'block' is not lifted until ALL such blocked letters are paid back. Right or wrong, only logic I come up with - which coincides with your thinking?

    With regards to "Why would you choose to allow the customer to have deliveries, but block the ability to invoice them for those deliveries?" is it not possible to deliver, say 2 years in a row to a project-based customer (construction industry?) where contractually you only bill them at the end of the project? In the middle, you revenue recognise via manual journals. For 2 years 'invoice' is on hold to prevent any batch runs from picking up 'Delivered but not invoiced' orders? Relatively new to AX so my comments are mostly only theory. 

    Thanks for your answers answers. Very helpful.








  • In reply to Prometheus:

    That. Right there. That's why I visit the forums.

    I've never implemented the Project module, and that scenario never occurred to me. Thanks :-)