Best books for AX Functional Consultant.

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I'm new to ERP functional consulting. I've joined a company and soon i will participate in some real ERP project. These days I'm learning and i need to be trade and logistic functional consultant. I am from science background(non commerce). I've MS complete documentation and using MS Dynamics 2nd edition by Andreas Luszczak. However it is bit difficult at times because i'm not able to understand the linkage or basic settings in other modules. Please recommend some other books and/or best strategy. 


I'm new to this forum. Lets help each other and contribute this forum to grow like stackoverflow and codeproject.



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    Please refer book name as Inside Dynamics 2012. Its cover all aspect of Functional side and conceptual technical side. 



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    Dear Mohammed,

    Thanks for promptly replying my query. You are my first friend in this forum. I have downloaded the book you mentioned i'll go through it. And will get back to you for further query(if any). 

    Whenever free will you please guide me on following issues -
    1. I do not have accounting background and almost every transaction/operation in AX end up updating journal or ledgers. So we need to set up the accounts. I'm clueless about it. 

    2. Because of language issue(Chinese)- I have little or no support from peers. I need to learn a lot myself. There are multiple modules/aspects of ERP(MS Dynamics AX) e.g.- Fin I & II, Retail, BOM, PMI, Discrete/ Lean mfg, Fixed assets, Procurement, SCM, Master Planning etc etc. I don't know where to start, everything is linked with each other. Please summarize the strategy i need to follow to be a SCM(Trade & Logistic) Functional Consultant. 

    P.S. I was an IT trainer for 8 years. Recently i have changed my profile to ERP consulting. Its challenging, but its possible with your kind of supporting person.



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    Dear Deepak, 

    No worries, please go through book, I will send you some basic of accounting and business process  financial point of view so it will help you to understand quickly. 



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    Hi Deepak/Mohammed


    can u provide me the link for the book so that i can download, as i searched but found the book at technical side not functional one.

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    Dear Imran, 

    This is book for functional consultant. 

    Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook

    Easily create attractive dashboards and reports using Performance Point, PowerView and Excel

    Improve and maximize the potential of user communication and collaboration with Outlook and Lync

    Create and configure roles centers for your users Build personal portals and document libraries within SharePoint Create a streamlined organization through workflows Build new help files specific to your business Develop personalized and customized screens. I would recommend this book for lead functional consultants who do implementations, pre-sales consultants, IT administrators and developers who are engaged with end user systems and implementations. The book is definitely worth a buy and is a interesting read.


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    Please don't use this forum for distributing copyrighted material. (That's why I deleted several posts from this thread).

    Also think about whether there will be any books if authors don't earn any money from them.

  • Dear All,

    Microsoft technet is the best resource to learn AX. Following is the url

    You will not only get the description of relevant topics but you will also get the link of related topics.

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    Dear Members!!


    I want to say thanks .... One thing I just want to know could anyone tell me about any books or post any link from where i can download any sort of books.. I am Functional Consultant having Accounting Background...I want complete knowledge about the AX product...

    Could anyone help me out!!!


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    Could you please post the link from where I can download the Book ..


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