Partial Invoice in AX2009

Hi All,

Does anyone know how to partial invoice for single PO line? Example below:

Item A  ,  Qty 1 , Amount  $1500

Vendor Invoice 50% which is $750.

Is there any way to invoice without changing quantity to 0.5.

Thanks in advance.


Myo Sandar

  • Hi,

    On the PO line, update receive now as 0.5 and post the packing slip with quantity as receive now. That field is available on packing slip header.

    After that, you can post the invoice by selecting the concerned packing slip.

    Or when you post the invoice, on the invoice line you can update the quantity to invoice.


  • In reply to Pranav Kumar:

    Hi Pranav,

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I don't want to change the quantity to 0.5 because my UOM does not allow decimal. That's why, my problem comes out. It is also difficult to define the quantity to receive, let's say vendor want to invoice for first 30% , i could not key in quantity to invoice qty as 0.3333 and i will not get the exact amount that I want to post.

    Is there any other solution?



    Myo Sandar

  • In reply to Myo Sandar:

    This needs updation of UOM decimals, else I don't think it is achievable in Standard AX.

  • In reply to Pranav Kumar:

    Dear Pranav


    is it possible to post a single packing slip having 10 qty to be invoiced  2 times having  5 qnty each time