Report title issue with SSRS reports.

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AX 2012 SSRS reports picks the report title form Menu item . First I created a New SSRS  report and then the menu item for that report. I have given a label id for that menu item. After some time I changed the label id for the same menu item. But when I run the report , The same old label is displayed in title bar of the SSRS report. Any fix for this ??


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    Look at the following link. This might help you.


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    try to delete your usage data:
    RecordTyp: Class
    Element name: SRSReportRunController
    Element name: YourReportname.Report

    this should do the trick. Also helps, if you changed your Query in the AOT.


  • Hi,

    Try to delete the report related data from SYSLASTVALUE table and SRSREPORTQUERY  from SQL server.

    Then restart the reporting services and restart AOS(if required).