How Can generate New Purchase Order From RFQ Generated From Purchase Requisition ?

I Facing an issue in RF Q

I'am Create Purchase Requisition Then I Create RF Q And Follow Up The RF Q Status TO Accepted , So it's Should Be Generate Purchase Order But In my Case Nothing Happen After i Accept RF Q


Can Any One Here help Me?

  • It will not generate the Purchase order at this level as the RFQ has been created through PR process. First you need to approve the PR to have a PO generated for the respective RFQ and PR.

    Try and please let me know the result :)

  • In reply to Santosh:

    Actually the problem is that a batch job is executed in the back ground when the PR is approved, therefore if the batch server is not configured properly, this job fails to execute and the user is unable to create a PO from a PR.

    Check the following link, it would explain in detail.



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