Account for transaction type , value model , does not exist for fixed asset

Hi All,


When posting my PO invoice i encounter this error. New fixed asset number was generated after posting packing slip. I also manually assign a value model in the fixed asset details. So knowing that I set up the value model, I should not be receiving any error message like this. What could be the cause of this?





  • Does the posting profile has all those accounts that are required for aquisition?

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    Yes Kranthi, all accounts are there.

  • Hi,

    Have you tried to invoice any PO of FA without changing value models.

    By default, FA will inherit value models defined in FA group. So instead of changing the value models after packing slip, just try to use the standard flow.



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    Why you are assigning a value model manually, it should be done while creating the Asset.

    In the PO line, are you able to see the value model attached to the purchLine?

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    Apparently, i  have not yet set up default value model for the FA Group before posting the packing slip that's why I manually assign one after posting packing slip. I updated my group and set up default value model, and the whole process works fine now. However for the two POs that I created before updating the default value model still throws the same error.

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    I am not sure but i think that PO will not be posted in standard. You can reverse the packing slip and recreate the PO and run the processes.

    The FA has allready got created and the status will be Not Yet Created. Try to delete the FA created and you can also update number sequence so that all the asset numbers are consistent.

    Just do the transaction in test environment and be sure that all the accounting entries also get reversed (if any) for the packing slip.

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    Dear Pranav,


    I am facing same problem with one P.O. can you please tell me the procedure to reverse packing slip cause as per my knowledge you can't reverse packing slip without purchase invoice procedure and purchase invoice it self giving me the below error.


    Acquisition for fixed asset PM_LBEQ_00040, value model PM_LBEQ_CO, already exists.


    what is the solution for that perticular P.O.?


    - NIK SHAH

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    Your error says that the FA has been invoiced (maybe through a FA journa, general journal, AP journal). Do you allow in your parameter multiple acquisition?

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    yes herlin...

    is it any solution? what should i do?

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    Can explain me, How we can do the Purchase order Packing slip return without invoicing.


    Thanks in Adavance.


  • Hi,

    The fixed assets groups are probably not assigned with "Value Models". Make sure to assign value models in fixed asset group screen or value model screen.

    i were facing the same error but fixed it via doing this.



    Shakil Ahmed