AX Retail POS becomes very slow when pos invoice lines exceed ten lines !!

 Environment : DAX2009SP1RU7 + AX Retail R2

OS : WIN2003SERVER R2 + SQL2008SP2 32 bits

We have three POS terminals connected to a head quarter throu a LAN connection.

We have several hundreds of items and our database is still very small.

We have just finished installation + setup and configuration. All parts HQ + Scheduler+POS are working properly. data is replicated correctly and we are able to generate and post daily statements.

At the 3 POS machines we are facing a common problem: When POS transaction exceeds several lines lets say 10 lines,

the POS machaine start getting slower. It takes 3 seconds to disply the item line on the screen after scanning it. If we reach for example, 30 lines, the POS becomes very slow ( 20-30 seconds to disply the line item).

As we do not think that this is normal , we tried to find out  the reason for the slowness using sql profiler, and performance monitor, but we could not notice anything.

I downloaded and installed the hotfix of kb/2448842     which talk about slowness in POS due to TAX issues.. . But with

no use.

Did anybody there experience such a problem... please advise


  • Hi,

    Have you done any customization for the POS??

    What is the configuration of POS machine? And does all the three POS has its own database??


    We didn't faced this problem during our implementation. Even we used more than 40 items in a single transaction. We weren't using scan gun to read bar codes.


  • In reply to Pranav Kumar:

    1) No customisation to the POS application.

    2) each POS is 2GB of RAM, 300+GB HHD and Intel 1.3MHz

    3) Three POS machines are connected to a shared store db server through a LAN. No databases

         on the POS machines.

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    Can we contact u through Phone or email?



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    Hi Combese,

    You need to test one more scenario. Install the POS on a local machine with its own DB(sqlexpress).

    Run the POS with standard database and make the same transactions. Check the timings in this case.

    I hope you are using Windows7 OS on the machine. I can be reached at



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    We tried to run the POS application on the store db it self, when we run it we always get the error that user id is not valid . The screen where we enter the user id and password is opened, showing the name of the user, but when we enter user id and password, it gives the error that the user is is not valid.


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     In this case, you need to replicate RBOSTORETABLE and RBOSTAFF table. I may be wrong in the names of table but run the scheduler job for staff and store for the concerned location.

     The error is coming becuase on the local POS machine, there is some problem with staff table. Check in the table whether staff id as present in the db or not.

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    Dear Pranav,

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

    The problem is solved when we upgraded to retail R2 refresh build 1032




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    What is retail R2 Buld 1032