Ax 2009 crash



We're having a problem with our AOS, which is crashing at least once a day. It creates some logs but we couldn't find what is the cause of this problem.

When the AOS crashes the first log is:

Object Server 03: Dialog issued for client-less session [session number]: Internal error number 119 in the script.

Followed by the messages

Object Server 03: Fatal SQL condition during login. Error message: "[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection in use"

- and -

Object Server 03: SQL diagnostics: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection in use. Connect information was: Userid = [], Database = [database_name], Server = [server], DSN = [], Other = []


After this nobody can logon in the system until we restart the service.



Does anyone have seen this before?



Thank you

  • Did you find a solution?  I have an AOS that is reporting these error message too.  In my case seems to come right after workflow batch job runs.

  • In reply to TM:


    We didn't find a solution yet.

    In our case it's not after batch jobs, it crashes any time.



  • In reply to Thiago Venancio:

    Hi, we found the source of the problem.


    The parameter "Maximum buffer size" in the Ax server configuration was set too high.