Error while recieving transfer order...Please help asap

Hi Frnz,


Over here, when am trying to post-recieve a transfer order , am getting error 

" The transactions on voucher 54868_100 do not balance as per 05/03/2011. (Company currency: 0.00 - secondary currency: 0.00)

Error in unit of amount in currency INR. Must be rounded to 0.01. "

In partciular out of 10 items in lines.. this error is generated for ony 6 items..

i have no clue regarding this.

am i  missing something.

Please help.

Thanks in advance and all suggestions appreciated.


  • The might be a rounding off problem.

    IN GL-> Exchange rate change the general round off to 0.01 for the INR currency and try to post it.

  • In reply to Kranthi:

    Kranthi-- I did that before and tried redoing the action

    but in vain -- same error!!

    is this a bug in standard?? 

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    I would really appreciate/thankful... if some1 could come up with a solution/ suggestions please.

  • In reply to Shon Davis:

    validate your entries first

  • In reply to Heylin:

    HI Shon,

    I may be beacuase of no secondary currency , need to setup the secondary currency..

    Naresh Kolli

  • In reply to Naresh Kumar Kolli:

    Naresh-- i would definitely try that option of secondary currency...

    But how does it impact in system??Taking into consideration- complete application..


  • In reply to Shon Davis:


    i solved the problem.....anyways!!

    steps i did: As suggested by Kranthi made the round off to 0.01 all fields in Exchange rates OF GL Setup

    but that all alone dint solved the problem

    When i did AR- Setup-CleanUp-Purchase clean Up-

    It worked...!!

    Now no error!!


    But i have question.... the system and stock transfer was working fine till then, all of a sudden this came into picture..

    any one put ur thought and suggest me the reason ...why nd how??

    Apprecate the help.

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    //When i did AR- Setup-CleanUp-Purchase clean Up-

    is it correct ????

    pls tell the correct tha path, am also facing the same solution

    thanx you in advance dude