Transportation of goods from # legal entities

Hi all,

Is there a way to handle transportation of goods that are coming  from # Legal Entity  in D365F&O ?

i.e: Customer orders item ABC and item EFG.

Item ABC is coming from  entity A; Item EFG is coming from entity B. entity A and entity B are not far from each other.

Transportation of item ABC and item EFG should be done to fulfill the customer sales order.

how do we handle that in the system ? 

  • How, is the question, is one LE a distribution hub or is this independent demand? How do you get the supplying legal entity etc. Martin is correct, you would need two orders and to know the source LE and then you would transport indepently, however I feel your quesion is more about consolidation and this is less what D365FO can do and more about how the business wants to work. 

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