Change BOM Item - Replace Variant


We have a requirement to change the Bom Item where Item has variant to replace with  a New item Code which don't have any Variant .

To : New Code with out any Variant 

From : Old Code with Variant 

Standard AX 2012 R2 , we are able to replace the BOM item with out any problem where From /TO Item code don't have any variant.

Kindly advise how to replace the Item code has Variant  in BOM Line.



  • Hi Raj,

    From the data you have provided, its very difficult to understand your exact requirement. let hope below workaround/solution best fits your requirement.

    1. Change/update the existing BOM line with new item by manually.


    2. Use Alternate item functionality available on Release product form.

    It would be good if you explain with example.