AIF service for sales order in AX2012 R3 suddenly stopped to work.

I have AIF service for sales order in AX2012 R3 that were working nicely in an installation for a long 3 year...and suddenly it has stopped to work. Outbound messages are not processed in the Exception ...
when I tried to use the same service in other company in the same environment it's working 

I have tried many options to fix it, compile CIL all, restart everything...but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas to fix it?

  • Let me repeat once more what I told you in email:

    I think you’ll have to collect more information about the problem, because “it has stopped to work” is way too generic and nobody can address that.

    Please pay attention to the Exception table and event logs, consider using tracing (it’s well-supported in WCF), try reproducing the problem in a non-production environment and debugging the code. Also think about changes done in your system, such as updates of AX or the .NET framework.