How to create an account structure that contains more data than can be managed in Main account pluse 10 dimensions

Hi all,

 I have a situation where we need to report on several attributes per main account number. There is one dimension that must be balanced, but there are about fourteen attributes that need to be reported on in addition to this one dimension. and Main account, the primary dimension needs to show the value of each of the other attributes for that dimension. Since there are more than 10 of them, how could I handle reporting on all of the attributes? By the way, the word "attribute" does not mean attribute as defined in AX. They are all general ledger items that need to show based on the initial balanced dimension. The dimension that has to be balanced may have one or more of these items, up to the total amount of items. I do not believe that any of these contain every one of the dimensions, but it will be used in a single Legal entity and will use the same Chart of Accounts. Is therte any way this can be accomplished?

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