Fail - Calculating BOM consumption - Picking list journal

Hello guys,

I am Trainee and sitting in a economic-position, i got some days to play with Microsoft AX 2009 - pretty fun, until now :(. My goal was to make a full production and finish with a sale. But i ran into a problem. All the vendors was there, but i have created some new products with BOM and a Route for my finish product. All in all i buy 5 raw materials, where 3 of them will go in production and be a semi-finished product. The remaining 2 raw materials and the 3 semi-finished will be a my finished product. I have also made all the secondary things like, cost-group, work center etc.

My purchase order is super. I receive all my Raw Materials, and they are ready. But when i try to make the production i got this fail... Its my semi-finished products there are failing and i get the attached fail. First time i working in this program.   Anybody there can help? 

Thanks in advance guys!