PR Approve or Reject options

Kindly advise why I cannot see other options to Approve, Reject or Delegate etc. in the below.

Am I missing any setup?

  • This seems to be a duplicate of your other thread PR PO Workflow Approval, right? Please keep the discussion in a single thread.

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    deleted the other. thanks
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    I see you have an option to recall the requisition. Doesn't it mean that you're logged in as the person who requested the approval and not the approver?
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    I have setup myself as both requester and an approver. I believe with this setup I could raise PR > Submit and Approve/Reject. It submitted PR should get assigned to me but actually its not. I in the PR I could only see two options Recall and History.
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    What do you see in workflow history? Is there any work item generated for anybody? Are you really assigned as the approver?
    Do other workflows work? If not, maybe you don't have workflow batches set up (alternatively you can use Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor form to process workflows for testing purposes).
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    Thanks Martin suggestion on Tutorial_WorkflowProcessor has helped.

    However, now I am getting another infolog. Kindly advise. This is something I am getting upon new PR creation.