Cannot delete PO

Cannot delete PO with status 'Approved' and 'Confirmed'. Any suggestions please?

  • I have already tried deleting PO by cancelling the Deliver Remainder in the PO lines but no luck deleting. Please advise.
  • In reply to Abi:

    What does it tell you at deletion?

    You can delete a PO in standard even if sent to the supplier, you need of course to tell the supplier!
  • In reply to AdamRoue:

    Thanks Adam for getting back promptly.

    The 'Delete' button is inactive and I am a System Admin on the security front.
  • In reply to Abi:

    Which delete button where exactly?
  • In reply to AdamRoue:

    The below highlighted button in the PO form

  • In reply to Abi:

    So once confirmed you have sent it to the supplier, now you have to cancel it. That button should exist below the delete but it seems to have been designed out of your solution or hidden. You cannot just delete a PO you have committed to the supplier, you cancel it, which is also kept for any vendor analysis you have.

    If you edit the order is the cancel button then available?