How Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX Can Benefit Your Retail Business

Constantly finding new ways to make your retail business grow is a given, when you’re running one. Real Analytics right now might seem sufficient if you’re starting out your business, but as you go further, you may require more insights into your business. It basically provides you with detailed comprehension about your customers, the changes you can input and also lets you figure out the scope of your business in the long run.


Backed by Microsoft Power BI, the software gives you standard analytics which are built in so you don’t have to constantly refresh to see them. It has dashboards and reports that are extremely easy to use. This makes the software more accessible for better efficiency.


Adopting Microsoft cuts down your need for systems and servers and also cuts down your employee costs. This will in turn reduce your costs of running the infrastructure because the software will do most of your work and eliminate the need for manpower to analyze your data.


Powered through a native browser based interface, the Microsoft Dynamics AX is accessible on all devices on all browsers and platforms. You don’t have to rely on a specific device to be able to access the software and its functions.


The software updates automatically, with application updates every 6 months and platform updates every 3 months. That way you can ensure that you have the best version in use at all times, for you as well as your team.


The software now is spread over to support 36 localizations worldwide, which includes countries like Russia, Czech Republic, India, China, Hungary, Brazil, Estonia, etc. This means you have the freedom to take your business anywhere with you without feeling restricted, it also opens doors for international operations to take place.


The software is available in more than one language, making it perfect for multi-national organizations. Even the transactions can be done in your country’s currency which makes the software easily accessible. That being said, it is not just limited to multi-national organizations, it is just as suitable for small industries that operate in just one location as well.


The software isn’t limited to just retail analytics. It can be used with any other software, like the travel software, the manufacturing software, IT, etc. So if your business isn’t retail, you don’t need to fret as you can avail these services too.

According to a Gartner report, in the age of digital business, retailers need more advanced analytics to compete in the market. Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX for analytics will not just give you in-depth reports on your sales, but will also let you know where you stand in the market. It will allow you to get to know your client’s need better and personalize your business plans accordingly to build a rapport with your customers which is highly beneficial for the long run.