update forecast data

Dear all

I am working with purchasing in a small company and we are currently using AX 2012 R2.

I have previous year manually created sales forecast data for all our products and entered them into the “demandforecast” view in AX with models, allocation keys, product group and period keys based on the products normal sales patterns per month.

The customer-id isn’t relevant for us so the data is just based on the total sales per year and then the period keys splitters up the qty for each month.


My problem now is that I have to update all the articles with new sales qty based on my forecast for next year and I haven’t yet succeeded have to easily update all the data.

I have tried to make the update with the excel addon with the “salesforecasttabel” , it’s just changing the total sales qty and not the total budget amount and its seems that new qty:s isn’t  generated when I run the masterplanning.

I have also looked into DIXF import with Framework, but its seems that there is no entities for forecastsales table and I don’t know how to create entities in AX.

Could someone please help me and guide me how solve my issue ?