Impact of implementation of VAT in GCC countries.



what are the Impacts of implementation of VAT in GCC countries on current AX systems?

I am doing this analysis to identify as to how current AX implementations will change and what what kind of customization will need to be done in AX and what will be the impact?

it would be great to have all your valuable inputs..technical as well as functional.



  • VAT is already a part of standard AX. There is no impact as such, you have to enable it, configure it and the system will calculate the tax based on your configurations. You may have do to some customization's on tax reporting, if the standard doesn't suit your requirement. If there are any country specific functionality, then Microsoft may release an update for that.
    Please do check.
  • In reply to Kranthi:

    Thanks Kranthi. apart from Tax reports I also read that depending on the implementation there could be need to make changes in the existing COA,Contracts,cash flow,budget updates ,interfaces (if any).

    Like you mentioned its also imperative that MS releases a patch soon. We would need to wait and watch.