How do i disable automatics split items quantity on purchase order line

How to disable split PO registration 

PO Line =90 QTY

but click on PO LINE > Inventory > Registration  > show 3 line

line num 1 = 88

line num 2 = 1

line num3 =  1

  • What is the difference between three lines? Are the dimensions different?
    Are there three inventory transactions for a single line? If so check if the lines are marked or reserved?
  • In reply to Kranthi:

    Hi nageshkumarapp,

    If the inventory dimensions are the same, the physical voucher/date, financial voucher date are the same and there is no marking or reservation, you can merge these lines using the Summation function on the Inventory transaction form.
    To prevent the split, you can enable the inventory parameter 'Automatic addition'.