Capacity Planning


AX 4.0

I have single workcentergroup (A) with attached 3 workcenters (B,C,D) in this group. I have defined 3 qty of workcenter in route to allocate the multiple workcenters when we run the master plan. Now when I check the results in plan orders it shows like this

 Operation Priority  Workcenter   Start time End time 
  10  Primary       B     10:00   20:00 
  10  Primary       B     10:00   20:00 
  10  Primary       B     10:00   20:00 

 Logically  instated B Workcenter on the 2nd and 3rd line, it should have to show C and D Workcenter.

I am using Finite capacity.

Can anyone please tell that what setup I am missing to get Workcenter C and D in 2nd and 3rd line.