Dimension wise customer aging report

Hi experts, i tried to get the customer ageing report by filtering business unit but no luck. when i am giving the below filter it is taking all the customers where at least one open invoice from the selected BU. I am looking for an ageing report which consist only the open invoices in the selected BU. anybody please help me.

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  • Here is the code to fetch the data for selected Financial Dimensions.

    I Did for the BussinessUnit dimension by passing hard coded value as 1103".

    DefaultDimensionView defaultDimensionView;
    CustTrans custTrans;

    delete_from custAgingReportTmp
    exists join custTrans
    where custTrans.Invoice == custAgingReportTmp.InvoiceId
    && custTrans.Voucher == custAgingReportTmp.Voucher
    && custTrans.TransDate == custAgingReportTmp.TransDate
    exists join defaultDimensionView
    where defaultDimensionView.DefaultDimension == custTrans.DefaultDimension
    && defaultDimensionView.Name == "BussinessUnit"
    && defaultDimensionView.DisplayValue != "1103";

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