Steps to migrate from AX2012R3 CU10 to Dynamics 365 for operations

Hi we have installed AX2012 R3 and we would like to move to D365 for operations and D365 for sales.

What are the best approach and what steps we can use?

All ideas are welcome

  • 1. First analyse the level of customization you/your team has done in AX 2012 R3 CU10.Specifically check the features which are now deprecated in d365 For e.g: AIF.
    2.Decide and conclude whether you want to upgrade from AX 2012 R3 to D365 ..OR you want to re-write your solution from scratch in D365 .
    3.Perform sample POC's for code upgrade (using LCS) and also perform POC's which involve rewriting the existing solution in D365 . Compare the efforts and complexity.
    4.. And lots more..........
  • As usual, it's beneficial to read what Microsoft prepared for you in documentation, such as Prepare to migrate to Dynamics 365 for Operations.

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    Thanks Amit for your input. For step 2, we have decided to upgrate from AX2012 R3 to D365. So we dont want to redesign the whole solution. We have now only HR and Finance module with lots of customisations in the HR module.
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    Thnaks Martin. I will check that document from Microsoft.
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    Well customizations in the HR module will be interesting given the complete redeisgn of that area in HR and the use of the HR app - you might not want to redesign the whole solution, but Microsoft have redesigned the whole approach to HR, so you have little choice! Not sure what is left, but if what you have customized is now provided by the new solution your customer would surely want to use that?! Not used any of this, read little, but aware of a redesign, look here,
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    Good info. tks Adam. I will check