Master Planning on Demand forecast issue

Hi All DAXers,

I got a problem once running Master Planning for Item Demand forecast as the following description:

1. Create Item Demand forecast on the Header:

* Quantity = 100

* Date = May 1st, 2017

2. Then click save and click "Allocate forecast" to allocate 100pcs into 4 week period.

3. Select the "Period key" that already set up to split the Demand header quantity into 4-week-period.

4. Then in the "Allocation line", i got 4 lines with 25pcs each line.

5. Then run Master Planning for this item.

6. Problem now come up with the quantity as 200 pcs on Planned PO in stead of 100 pcs

--> System seemed to include the Header quantity into the Planned PO.

Please share me any of your ideal how to remove or get the system generated for only 100pcs.


Thanks and regards,

Hieu Le

  • Can you post screenshots of the net requirements, pegging and forecast entry screens? If setup correctly if you need 100 it will suggest 100
  • In reply to AdamRoue:

    Hi AdamRoue, 

    Thanks for your replies, please find the below photos for my detailed description:

    1. Create Demand forecast 100 pcs and allocate into 4 lines with 25pcs for each line

    2. The  run Master planning, system will suggest 200 pcs (included 100 pcs on the Header and 100 for 4 lines)


    Please help on this.

    Thanks so much !!!

    Hieu Le

  • In reply to Hieu Le:

    Report it to Microsoft as a D365 bug, it is duplicating demand.
  • In reply to AdamRoue:

    But i already got the same item with the same set up.


    But the Planned PO showed correct 


    It's confused.

  • In reply to Hieu Le:

    Then look at the differences. As it is D365 and they keep updating it if it's difficult to say, I have not worked with it, I also don't correctly have access to Ax.