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hi all, Can we use the counting journal in AX (2012 R3) to do the PI counting (perpetual inventory) of quarantine stock ? If I explain this further more, we receive items into the stock with batch number and piece number (as tracking dimensions) where each and every piece has it's own quantity. And the quality orders are generated in the system for 20% of the received quantity from each batch. Eg: received quantity - BatchA - p1(50kg), p2(30kg), p3(27kg), p4(41kg) so the quality order is generated for a quantity of, BatchA - (50+30+27+41) * 20/100 and until the quality order is processed and passed these pieces will be shown in the inventory as physically reserved (ref-quality order number) and are not available for picking, reservation or issuing. At this stage can we count these items using counting journal? For Ex: at the time we receive the above quantity, we only read the labeled quantity of the piece (p1-50kg) and enter into the system, but when it's weighed, the actual quantity could be 49kg or 51kg hence we will need to adjust the quantity of this piece. While the pieces are still under the quality inspection status (physically reserved for the quality) how can we count this and update? I tried this by selecting physically reserved quantity in the counting journal select query and the items came into the journal. But if I set the qty of p1 to 51kg, it's validated without any issue, but when posted, that added 1 is automatically taken into the available stock and 50kg remains as physically reserved in the inventory (which I need the entire quantity - 51kg must still be in the stock as physically reserved). When I try to make it 49kg, then it says 1qty cannot be picked as only 0kg is available (since 50kg is physically reserved I guess). Further to explain how we manage quality orders - we have the batch disposition code for each and every batch where as when the batch is initially created in the systems (at the time of product receipt), BDC is set to quarantine - unavailable and when the quality order is processed and passed, BDC changes automatically to Available. Any suggestions please ?

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  • John,
    To help answer this, I need to know whether using the advanced warehouse logic are not. The two processes work very differently. You also mentioned the term quarantine, are you using quarantine orders in the earlier version of warehouse?

    When you mentioned reservation it is important to understand what is being reserved against? You do not want sales orders or production orders reserving against inventory that is in some manner of quarantine process. Keep in mind that any manner of discrepant materials can be moved into some manner of quarantine warehouse or location depending on which warehouse model you're using. This is independent of something like a quality order.

    I just need to know a little bit about the process you're using before the cycle count.
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