Business process modeler and EPC diagram?


I have to draw the process flow for the users. I know that the ARIS methodology, and I would like to use the EPC diagrams. I'm going to draw business process using MS Visio. There are tools that are available with Lifecycle Services (LCS), but the business process modeler used with BPMN diagrams. and AX20012 \ Tools> Task Recorder can create BPMN diagrams. Does someone know the tools to transform the EPC to BPMN diagram in order to use them in business process modeler later? Or How can I convert MS Visio EPC diagram (or other Notation) to Business process modeler (LCS)? Is there anyone else who uses the EPC diagrams in Business Process Modeler? or someone who uses the Task Recorder to create EPC diagrams? Is it possible to use EPC ARIS  with  AX?


  • LCS has an import for Visio, but because you are not using the task recorder to record them it will not link them correctly or add elements - so it is a limited link if you are not using the BPM tool fully.
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    LCS has an import for Visio. Can I import EPC diagram to LCS ? Or before I import I need to covert them to BPMN diagram ?
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    The type of diagram does not matter, it is the format of the file. If you design your EPC diagram in Visio it is a Visio file. The import has limitations as it will not do the full BPM elements of LCS but you can import Visio, its format as EPC/BPMN is not relevant to the import.
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    I won't use Task Recorder to make the file. What format of the file should i do to import if i want to use BPM elements of LCS? May i draw diagram in other editors?
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    I try to make the scheme like Task Recorder ->some editor (ARIS,Visio ect) -> LCS. What tool(editor) can i use?
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    As far as I am aware there is no alternative - LCS update with Task Recorder, or a manual Visio update. I am not sure why you want to edit it when you are recording what you are actually doing and then can edit the Task in AX/LCS. Why is AX not the editor when it is the author of the process?

    Anyway you have no alternative as standard as far as I am aware, you would need to raise this with the LCS team at Microsoft.
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    I decided try to use task recorder and visio. Visio will be used for eEPC main business process' and task recorder for subfunctions. thank you for the idea.