How generate SSRS report with Parameter



Guys i created the SSRS report for generating newly created AOT Object It show the parameter for fromDate and toDate if i click the report it show the empty report. i did this in job by show the result in Info perfectly runs but i can't generate in SSRS report. 


plz give solution 

  • Tell us more details. What is the data source for the report?
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    I created one Empty table ( AOTReportTMP_KK ) that contains (createdatetime,createdByy,Layering,Layers,legacyid,modelelements,modelids,modifiedbys,modifydatetime,Names,ParentID,Recordtypes) these field

    Two classes added 1.RDP_Class 2.Contract_Class

    contract class contains the Two parameter FromDate and Todate using this 2 field's I was set the Query range for modifydatetime

    and with in the modifydatetime what are all the AOT object is created that should generate as report
    actually i gave date as hardcode in a Job it's executing perfectly but passing date's with parameter and i am getting the report as empty

    I want generate as report with all Data how to do this ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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    Is that a temp table? Have you tried to debug the DP class to see if the data is being filled in the temp table?