How to refer to Dynamics AX in the new Dynamics 365 world

Hey everyone,

I could have posted this in the Dynamics 365 forum, but I'm looking for some feedback in the AX community, instead.

As most of you know, as of November 1st, 2016, Microsoft is switching their branding of Dynamics AX (or Dynamics AX Online or Dynamics AX 7) to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprise Operations App.  While this abundance of words is confusing anyways, it's additionally confusing because of the additional offerings in the non-enterprise space.  In addition to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprise there's also a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business.  The "for Business" offering is intended for companies in the <250 employee ranges and the "for Enterprise" offering is for greater than that.

If I want to write a tweet, or a post, or have an in-person discussion with someone, the only way to be specific enough is to use the full name, which costs 52 characters.  We need a way to shorten this, but still be accurate.  I recently ran into an issue with some "for Business" folks on Twitter where I wasn't specific enough and people started getting confused.

What do people think?  Is the Kelly Kane-initiated #D3FO hashtag good enough?  Does it need an "E" for the enterprise piece (#D3FEO)?  Let me know what you think.  I tried having this discussion on Twitter, but I kept running out of characters!

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