MB6-890 certification Dumps needed

Hi All,

Want to do certification on MB6-890 for that i need dumps.

If anyone having all material for this exam.

Please share with me 

Thanks in Advance!




  • You'll find information about this exam (Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction) on Microsoft Learning page.

    Note that if you take an exam, you have to promise not to share its content. Therefore if somebody gave you actual questions that he or she remembered from the exam, it would be a violation of the agreement.

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    i need jus overview not all actuall details about this ..like format only..
    Thanks for quick reply Martin
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    As mentioned sharing of actual questions would be prohibited in this blog.
    So try for other sources in the market. For your info, some of the sites offer dumps for price.
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    Hi Manali,
    That's some very different. While it's not ok to share the actual questions, then it's quite ok if those of our members who have actually take this exam to comment on what area's have been discussed, and what they emphasized on in the test.
    While I think that sharing the actual questions and especially the answers is almost like cheating, then personally I don't like tests, where I don't know exactly what I am really going to be evaluated upon.
    And sometimes these Microsoft tests are not really as well thought as they could be. One of the reasons (I think) why Microsoft no longer handles certifications when it comes to Dynamics NAV and GP. Here it's the company Association of Dynamics Professionals (same company who owns AXUG) who together with Prometric handles all certifications.
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    A colleague of mine wrote in his blog about what to expect and what to study for when taking this new AX7 exam. Much like Erik mentions, it's not the test questions but does give some good ideas on what to cover when studying. dynamicconsulting.com/.../
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    this is an outline for self-study