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AX 2012 Collection Letter - Block / Unblock Individual Invoice - Impact?

Hi All, 

Scenario based question.

A customer has 2 overdue invoices. Via Collection Letter (at the time of print / post), I have marked one invoice as "Blocked" and the other left unmarked against 'Block'. I.e. Unblocked. So "Collection Letter 1" has 2 journals for this customer with different block status. 

Now if I go to the customer form I see 'Invoice' against 'Invoice and Delivery on Hold'. 

My question is, what advantage (if any) is there in blocking one invoice and not the other? Is it effectively the same as blocking both the invoices because a hold on further invoicing in placed at the customer master record level. Or am I missing any advantage / disadvantage of selective invoice blocking?

Thank you for your help