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Somebody help me having insight in T&L module

Dear All, 

1. I'm quite new to dynamics AX 2012. Just joined a company in Wuxi, China. I need to learn on my own from web and/or Microsoft documentation(Accessible to me).
2. I practice on MSDAX 2012 R2. At times i stuck at some points. I have the option to post the query and search on net. However the issue need a little bit of discussion or mutual conversation. I have almost no help from peers because of language issue(Chinese).
4. ERP is huge and someone in this forum told that i need to start somewhere and build my domain bit by bit. Keeping that in view i have started from course 80305(SCM fundamentals) followed by 80306(Distribution and trade) and 80339(BOM).
5. I was an IT trainer earlier(8 year exp) having ample aptitude of learning. Will converse only worthy issues in an articulate manner.
I'm striving hard to learn ERP skills(T&L module). Time is the most precious resource,  I value your time.  Your little initial cooperation will greatly help me to accomplish the objectives.
Whatever i learn I will share it back with our community.
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Warm Regards,