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  • Ledger Dimension Value Replacement

    Former Member
    Former Member

    Hi All,

    Can anyone help me how to replace the dimension value from One Ledger dimension to Another Ledger Dimension using x++ in D365 FO.

    I need to replace the Resource dimension from Payroll Allocation to Project cost as highlighted below. 

  • Catch the exception of type Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Frameworks.Controls.ProductConfiguration.InvalidAttributePathException

    I am stuck to catch the Exception for Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Frameworks.Controls.ProductConfiguration.InvalidAttributePathException, InvalidAttributePathException is not showing x++ class so we are not able to create object of this type. Since not able…

  • ValidateField trigger getting invoked multiple times

    Hi all, 

    I am trying to make an external web service call for a field value to validate it. Currently there are some standard validations on the field in D365 which are called from validateField method. Hence I am writing a COC on the validateField method…

  • How to add filed in ExpenseJournalLineEntity?


    I added a field in ExpenseJournalLineEntity which is already exist in its one of the data Souce of data entity i.e. AssessableValue_IN and table name is LedgerJournalTrans, I just drag and drop that filed from data Source field to entity field, and…

  • how to enable/disable button on list page without interaction class in d365?

    Hi all, 

    I hav a custom list page in which I need to enable/disable two buttons in action pane based on status field. 

    But the list page doesn't hav any interaction class. 

    How can I achieve this? Please suggest

  • MPOS integration with third party system use API

    Like the title, does any way that my MPOS system can integrate with 3rd party system using API for both inbound and outbound ?

  • How to move selected customers and complete customer transactions from one legal entity to another legal entity.


    Can you please let me know the best way to move selected customers and customer transactions (ex like invoices, payments) from one legal entity to another legal entity automatically?

  • Expose D365 FO URL to Powerapps


    I am trying to integrate my D365 FO with power apps.

    When I search the URL on creating New connections, I could not find it. 

    Is there any pre-requisite to be done in LCS for exposing the URL?