Get all contact Information of any particular customer from table in a Job

Hi all, 

I have a customer named 'Test-1', when I double click on the person in 'All Customers' form, we get another Form showing us the details of this particular customer. There is a FastTab called Contact Information where we set Information like Phone (Primary), Email, Fax, URL and Phone for customers. 

I want to display the values of these five contact information on infolog. 

please suggest, how can I do that ?

 when I personalize the 'contact number/address' field in the form, It shows that It is coming from a table called LogisticsElectronicAddress table. I have checked that table. There is a field called 'Locator' in that table which stores all these values which I want to display on infolog in a job. 

The problem is I want to show these values for any particular customer which I will present as parameter. The customers are stored in CustTable table. There is no relation between these two tables, so how will I fetch right data from LogisticsElectronicAddress table against a particular customer from CustTable. 

How will the join be performed in select statement in the Job. I need x++ code.