Get report to show up as option in Print management

Hello everyone,

I'm changing the WMSPickingList_OrderPick report and I want the system to use my new format.  I've done this before with other reports with little to no issues but for some reason it's not working with this one.  Here are the steps I've taken

1. Found the report, right-clicked and created duplicate

2. Renamed the duplicate

3. Deployed the new report

4. Created extension of WMSPickingList_OrderPick Class and WMSPickingList_OrderPickController Class and put in the new report

5. Did a build and syncronize

6. I go to Inventory Management - Setup - Inventory and warehouse management parameters - Print Management

7. I right-click on Picking list and choose New

8. When I check the choices under Report format, only the original is there and not my copy.

Like I mentioned above, I've done this for other reports and doing all the steps above, made that report show up and let me choose it here.  Is there something I'm missing?  What can I do to force this report to show up?

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