SSRS Report printing old version

Hello everyone, I have a weird situation where a report extension I created is printing an old version

Here are the details

I created an extension of the AMClaimStatement SSRS Report

I put a textbox at the bottom of this report and called it Rev 1.0

I made some changes and deployed it.

I created an extension of the AMClaimStatementController and pointed to the report extension I created

I tested it and everything worked great

I then made changes to my report, changed the textbox at the bottom to show Rev 1.1 and saved it/deployed it.  Says deploy successful

When I print, it still prints Rev 1.0

I've tried restarting the SSRS service, I've tried restarting the server, I've tried resetting my usage data and nothing is working.

Technically Rev 1.0 doesn't exist.  I've changed it, and saved it but it's still printing.  It's either, there is a cached version being printed or my new version didn't deploy correctly even though it said it did.

Is this an issue someone has seen before and do you know how I can fix it?