print multiple lines in one report

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I have interesting task. I need to print multiple product labels in one report (screenshot of design attached). The main idea is that the user selects as many lines as he wants and product labels for each product (each line is printed, second screenshot). Could you explain me on how create report controller, contract and dp class to pass the multiselected lines. Any sample code would be appreciated. It would be nice if you could help me in this.

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  • Almost every report in F&O prints more than a single row, therefore you can find thousand examples in the application.

    Don't worry about the controller and the contract for a moment and start with a data provider class. You'll need a temporary table to hold your lines and return this table from a method of your RDP class. This method must be decorated with SRSReportDataSetAttribute. Then you need to insert data to this table in processReport(). Start with hard-coded data, design your report and if it all works, add the logic for generating data based on user input.