cached values in srs report DP class

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I need to understand how exchange rate in SalesInvoice report is passed. I see that the value is provided by cachedExchRate however I dont see any declaration of this variable inside DP class. The same situation is with other values (please see screenshot attached). It would be nice if you could explain me how these cached values are passed.

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  • It's declared and assinged in the parent class, SalesInvoiceDPBase.

    The key method is SalesInvoiceDPBase.getAccountingExchangeRate():

    protected CurrencyExchangeRate getAccountingExchangeRate(CustInvoiceJour _custInvoiceJour)
        CurrencyExchangeRate currentTransactionCurrencyExchangeRate = ExchangeRateHelper::getCrossRate_Static(
        return CurrencyEuroDenomination::displayStoredExchangeRate_Static(currentTransactionCurrencyExchangeRate, ExchangeRateDisplayFactor::One);