Dual write data not passing

Hi all,

I have successfully started dual write in a vm. The dual write in the system was working ~ 10 days back, now when I have started it it is running successfully for several entities but when I try to update/ insert any record in UI which is part of the entity I do not see any records in CDS. I have tried using different filters etc in the target but this issue is persisting. Can anyone please provide me any pointer on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance! 

  • The general response from Microsoft would be to stop the maps, de-link the systems, check that the F&O - DualWriteProjectConfiguration, DualWriteProjectFieldConfiguration, BusinessEventsDefinition and CDS - DualwriteRuntimeConfiguration tables are all empty. Then rebuild the system. 

    You dont mention what you are synching, so it is a generic answer. Are you sure the original initial sync passed records and now it is not?