How to test NetTcp aif web service wsdl

Hi guys,

can you please guide me in testing of "netTcp" aif web service. I have created AIF inbound wsdl port.

we will pass data in xml to this aif web service, which will creates data in AX.


Input: data in xml

Action/output/response: This will creates data in AX. Gives no response.

Find below screenshot for reference.

  • Thanks so much Martin.

    I am calling client service operation (client.create) as you suggested, it was asking two parameters, callContext and AxdIDSInventTransferTable.
    Struggling bit here in passing values, thinking and  searching here and there.

    Attaching below three  screenshots for reference, (just for information, query used in service has three data sources)

    Highly appreciate your inputs.


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