Report footer text, simple question

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I need to add a footer text to report. I followed the official guidilines from Microsoft at

Here is footer text line:

However, the footer text does not appear in report. Do I need to additionally add it in report design? If yes, how do you do it (by adding field with specific function or otherwise?

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  • If you're using a report that already uses footer notes, then you don't have to add it to the report design.

    If you want to add it to a report that doesn't have that, then you must add it. Look at one of the reports using footer notes to see how it's done. But first, think about which document is the report design for and if you can reuse an existing document type (such as "Purchase order" on your screenshot) or you'd need a new document type.

    By the way, I see you keep suffixing your title threads with "simple question". Are you sure that it's the most important information about the topic of the thread? And please don't forget to attach the version tag, as discussed in your previous thread.

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