DIXF - Product attributes group - Attribute type choice Y/N


  I have one of the custom product attribute (Center stile) type set up as Choice Y/N in the product attribute groups. For that field, in the staging table, I have the type defined as Str type and passing a value 'Yes' in CSV Excel source file. I am not sure if anything else I need to change in the custom class to convert the Str to a boolean but it doesn't render as a checkbox in the Product attributes screen after the file has been imported into AX using DIXF. I have other out of the fields, that are out of the box , are defined as Str types in the staging tables and Choice Y/N in the Attribute groups they nicely renders as checkboxes and I can click on them to check and uncheck.

Here are the screenshots 

The custom field doesn't render as a check box

The other fields that I see render as a checkbox with checked when the value is Yes.

Have any of you worked on this before and run into similar scenario? If so, any inputs are appreciated.