How to modify the dialogfield when other dialogField is changed using X++ in ax 2009


I'm trying to fetch bom name when we change Bom id in look up field from Item master form > Bom >lines> Create bom form

it is using dialog 

How i can modify bom id field to show name for that selected bom id during run time?


  fieldNumber = dialog.addField(typeid(BOMId),"@SYS22298");
    fieldName       = dialog.addField(typeid(Name),"@SYS6303","@SYS50975");

  • Is it a RunBase class? If so, call dialog.allowUpdateOnSelectCtrl(true) in dialog() and then implement dialogSelectControl() method.

    Otherwise I will have to override modified() method with dialog.dialogForm().formRun().controlMethodOverload() and dialog.dialogForm().formRun().controlMethodOverloadObject(). It's cumbersome for sure, but that's the price for working with such an old version.

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