Integration project add transformation


I am trying to import a package in d365 fo using DIXF. I am able to do so for normal scenario ie my data file, manifest, and packageheader files are present. However I have a scenario where I am required to import an xml, where the tags used are not the same as present in D365 entity field names. To map them to the correct field I am using an xslt file in transformations. I am able to do my import using this. However when I try to import it using package I get the following error: 

Unable to get resources folder for entity C:\Users\...  in package folder 'Credit card transactions'

I have downloaded my import package and added the new xml file to import in the folder and created a zip file to import. My file structure is as follows: >

1. Resources folder > Credit card transactions folder > xslt file

2. Credit card transactions (xml file)

3. Manfest (xml file)

4. PackageHeader (xml file)

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!