Receive data in a unit test in AX 365

Hello all

After searching here and with google, I didn't find anything helpful

I wrote a unit Test and need to receive data from my database, but it doesn't receive.

Here is my code:

class GGPUnitTest_01 extends SysTestCase
public void CreateDeleteContractFolder()
    ANXTMSContractFolderTable oldFolder;

    select firstonly oldFolder ;
    this.assertEquals(oldFolder.RecId, 0);


the red line has to call one record. 

I tried different things like

select firstonly oldFolder where oldFolder.RecId>0;

but it doesn't receive any data.

When I look into the table, using SQL Management Studio I find about 10 lines of data.

What am I doing wrong?

Is it possible, I am connected to a wron database? I need to run the unittest on the same database, as all my debugging of the AX code.

thanks for any help.