How to call new SSRS Report design format in D365 in Proforma in purchase order

Hi All,

In my requirement, have to display additionally 3 fields in  Purchase order Proforma conformation Report (Unit price , Tax amount , NetAmount).

Steps i followed in below :

 two columns are already available in Standard design with column visibility no, i have removed that expression.

I tried this below logic for calling of the new desgn. Please correcet me if any thing mistake.

class PTW_PurchPurchaseOrderController extends PurchPurchaseOrderController
public static PTW_PurchPurchaseOrderController construct()
return new PTW_PurchPurchaseOrderController();

public static void main(Args _args)

SrsReportRunController formLetterController = PTW_PurchPurchaseOrderController::construct();
PTW_PurchPurchaseOrderController controller = formLetterController;

controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(ITTI_PurchPurchaseOrder, Report));



class PTW_PurchaseOrderPrintMgtDocTypeHandler
[SubscribesTo(classstr(PrintMgmtDocType), delegatestr(PrintMgmtDocType, getDefaultReportFormatDelegate))]
public static void getDefaultReportFormatDelegate(PrintMgmtDocumentType _docType, EventHandlerResult _result)

switch (_docType)
case PrintMgmtDocumentType::PurchaseOrderConfirmationRequest:
// Our custom SSRS Design

_result.result(ssrsReportStr(ITTI_PurchPurchaseOrder, Report));// customized
// _result.result(ssrsReportStr(PSAProjInvoice, Report));// standard commented